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In order to help their supporters win family political debates, which may sometimes occur during Thanksgiving, some Biden administration officials have released a list of “top accomplishments [of the Biden’s Administration]” to push against “that uncle” that comes “at you” about the president during the feast.However, this list has started a big discussion, since it includes several questionable claims, regarding gas prices, inflation and taxes in particular.The very first item on the list states: “Gas prices are down by $1.35/gallon since June and inflation is moderating.” While it is true, some American media point out that in June, gas prices reached a record national average of $5.01 per gallon and yet prices are still $1.22 higher than when Joe Biden took office in January 2021.The remark about “tackling inflation” might also raise some eyebrows, since despite inflation ebbing in October, some prices, especially for food, continue to soar. For example, the Farm Bureau noted that the average cost of preparing a holiday meal for 10 people is more than $64 this year — up $10.74, or 20%, compared to 2021.As for the very last section on the list, it contains no direct figures, but only biased speculations. Republicans in Congress are called “extreme”. There are accusations that they will “put Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block” and proposing a “national ban on abortion.”This “cheat sheet” was ridiculed by many conservatives both in the media and on Twitter.“My brother in Christ [sic], you’re ‘that Uncle,’” Alec Sears, a GOP digital strategist, responded to the president’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, who was among those who released the Turkey Day talking points.“If you need to use Biden WH talking points at a family dinner, you’ve already lost whatever argument you’re in,” tweeted the GOP’s deputy national press secretary Will O’Grady.“Everything about the Biden admin makes sense when you realize it’s being run by the types of people who bring talking points to Thanksgiving dinner to fight with their families about politics,” remarked conservative digital strategist Greg Price.

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