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The head of the new Peruvian regime, which has overseen the deaths of over 60 people in its first six weeks, is now calling on the country’s population to observe a “national truce.”Urging “dialogue, peace and unity,” a defiant Dina Boluarte refused to step down but also called on Congress to confirm the date of the nation’s next elections. The move is seen as an effort to mollify protesters, who are also calling for Boluarte’s resignation, as well as the liberation of ousted President Pedro Castillo, who’s been jailed on allegations of ‘rebellion’ since December 7.“I am making a call to Congress to vote on a second date (for the elections) as soon as possible,” Boluarte stated in a Tuesday conference. As for a “definite date” for when the elections may be held, the controversial leader stated she “will leave the moment that you, congressmen.”Despite her apparent peace overture, Boluarte continued to blame demonstrators for the violence in the streets, claiming the unrest is the handiwork of a “paramilitary force” comprised of illegal miners, drug traffickers and smugglers.She even went as far as to claim – without evidence – that the 60-plus victims who’ve been gunned down so far were actually killed by protesters themselves. As for the dozens of police hospitalized with bruises, she asked: “What about their human rights?”The heavy-handed approach seems to have little support among Peruvian society.Nearly three-quarters of the country’s residents disapprove of Boluarte’s handling of the country, according to a poll conducted earlier this month.And it seems the repressive response to protests isn’t winning her many allies outside the country, either.Speaking before the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, Chilean President Gabriel Boric said the images emanating from Peru evoked “scenes from the times of dictatorships.” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador additionally demanded an “end to the repression.”

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