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A recent incident with the burning of a Quran by the Ukrainian military was, on the one hand, a provocation, and on the other, a manifestation of deliberately offensive behavior towards the opposing side, Iranian lawyer and legal expert Ali Mehrpour Lashkenari told Sputnik.Footage circulating on social media earlier showed several Ukrainian soldiers setting ablaze Islam’s holy book, the Quran.While on the basis of Resolution No. 1418 of the UN Human Rights Council, which condemns any actions aimed at insult or discrimination on religious grounds, one can hardly expect such a step in relation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Iranian lawyer said.Using the pages of the Holy Quran to kindle a fire is both heinous and disgusting, Afghan political scientist Yahya Chawosh said.The current provocation involving the burning of the Quran is all part and parcel of NATO’s strategy to ignite conflicts on ethnic and religious grounds, Turkish political scientist Mehmet Perinçek told Sputnik.He added that the incident with the burning of the Quran should be perceived as a lesson for all Muslims in Ukraine, revealing the true essence of the Kiev regime. According to Mehmet Perinçek, the Eurasian civilization is strong and “has the necessary resources to destroy the plans of the Atlantic bloc to create a unipolar world and, instead, form an equal, just world order.”Such desecration of the Quran by Ukrainian soldiers is a manifestation of Nazi ideology designed to sow hatred, Syrian political analyst Osama Dannura agreed.He added that the governments of NATO countries indulge these actions, while pumping the Ukrainian Army with weapons.Ukraine’s authorities, he said, use religion when it is necessary to incite hatred, similar to how the West works to split people belonging to one and the same religion, one church, in order to sow division and hatred.

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