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Researcher Joanna Gorgol and her colleagues at the University of Warsaw have discovered that those who wake up earlier tend to be more religious than their night owl counterparts. But their studies also showed that those who are religious, tend to have a preference to rise early.The study looked at two separate groups of Polish adults: one group of 500 participants and another of 728.Both groups were evaluated on their preferences for the mornings, their conscientiousness, and their life satisfaction. While one group was asked whether or not they believe in God, the other was asked about their belief in general.The survey’s results found that those who were morning people had a higher level of industriousness, which played a major role in affecting their life satisfaction. The survey also found that religious people tend to follow the routine of an early bird person.However, the study authors explain there can be no cause-and-effect relationships to pull from in this study, and that further research may be needed to address those questions.

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