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Category: Politics

BREAKING: Billings, MT Can’t Substantiate Report of Explosion in Air Where Chinese Spy Balloon Had Been

We wrote earlier about a reported explosion over Billings, Montana. The video allegedly shot by a local woman, Dolly Moore, shows the trail of something allegedly falling and, she reported, an explosion. As we noted, Fox reported there had been what appears to be an explosion in the area where the Chinese spy balloon had […]

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GOP Senator Demands ‘Immediate Answers’ From the Biden DoD on Chinese Spy Balloon’s Threat to ‘Critical Military Infrastructure’

On Thursday night, we reported that the U.S. government was tracking a Chinese spy balloon that was flying through airspace over the continental U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy requested a “Gang of Eight” briefing be convened, so that “the leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, and the Republican and Democrat leaders of the […]

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