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Christian anti-trafficking network urges EU to crack down on corporations using forced labor

A Christian anti-trafficking network is imploring the European Parliament to fine companies that aren’t doing enough to combat exploitation and forced labor within their supply chains as the body gears up to vote on an EU directive on corporate sustainability due diligence this week. #EuropeanParliament #CorporateSustainability #Christian #HumanTrafficking

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Christian MLB player apologizes for sharing video endorsing Target, Bud Light boycotts

A Major League Baseball player has apologized for sharing a video expressing support for a boycott of Target due to the retailer’s embrace of LGBT ideology by selling women’s swimsuits for trans-identified males that enable them to “tuck” their male genitalia.  #BlueJays #LGBT #Target #MajorLeagueBaseball #LosAngelesDodgers

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11-month-old dies after parents left her in hot car to attend church: police

Police in Palm Bay, Florida, are still investigating the death of an 11-month-old girl who died after she was left alone in a hot car for three hours as her parents attended a worship service at the Mount of Olives Evangelical Baptist Church, a small Southern Baptist congregation that is a member of the Florida Baptist Convention. #HotCarDeaths #Baptist #Florida #MountofOlivesEvangelicalBaptistChurch

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Christian university head says employees weren’t fired solely for pronouns in email signature

The president of Houghton University in New York is pushing back on claims that two staff members were terminated solely for including their pronouns in the signature line of their emails but emphasized the importance of school staff members accurately representing the school’s values in external and internal communications.  #Education #HoughtonUniversity #LGBT #ChristianCollege

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